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Why hiring a social media manager is WORTH IT!

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Social media is everywhere! There so many social media apps, it's hard to keep up! There's Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok just to name a few! Let's be real keeping up with all of them IS HARD WORK. Whether you use social media to share pictures of your vacation, are an influencer/blogger, or strictly use social media for your business, keeping up with it is a full-time job in itself. If you're struggling to keep up, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you struggling to find content photos and videos to post?

  2. Have you heard of how successful Facebook & Instagram Ads are but have no idea how to do them?

  3. Are you not seeing growth on your social media pages?

  4. Not seeing the sales you'd like?

  5. Are you focusing on day to day business activities, payroll, sales outreach, and more and remember you need to post to social media but don't have the energy or time?

If so, hi, My name is Alessa of Grace Marketing and I can help you breathe again and focus on the many other parts of your business that need attention.

Hiring a social media manager is KEY when running a business. In today's times, everyone uses social media to find their new hairdresser to give them their #hairgoals look, gifts for their BF who only likes shirts that Kayne wears, home decor, lawyers (uh-oh!), new dog food for Sparky, their perfect dog that only eats the finest meats, (duh!) and MORE. I mean anything can be found by stalking a hashtag, popping up on the explore page, seeing an ad, or just driving by a business that looks IG worthy and looking up their page. Popping up when people are searching for anything and seeing a page with clean and gorgeous content is so important to gain new customers and keep them engaged.

Hiring a social media manager will save you time and help you create content that SELLS. Social media managers know the latest trends, have the best programs to help track the best hashtags and posting times, know the market, and want to see YOU and YOUR business succeed. I know it can be hard to hand the reigns off to someone to run your brand and image but the results and time saved are always worth it.

"You can't run a business without taking risks." -Millard Drexler

Interested in learning more about what we, at Grace Marketing offer? We are a full-service social media and marketing business that can't wait to help you make your business soar! Check out our website or shoot us an email at

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