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Meet Alessa

Founder of Grace Marketing

Hi there, nice to e-meet you!


My name is Alessa and I am the founder of Grace Marketing, a social media management and branding agency. We focus on amplifying your social media game with unique and creative content strategies. We believe that creative content sells. With the right content and strategy, your business will grow more than ever! The days are gone about worrying if you posted on your social media pages today or what content you are going to create because it is already done for you. Let's chat about amping up your social media game today!

I love being able to help small businesses with their social media and watch them grow! It is my favorite part of my job seeing my clients soar! 

Fun facts about me:

I live in sunny FL with my husband and we both love creating! My husband Ben, owns Right Hand Films, a video production company. As well as, jointly we own Lovewaves, where we turn audio and video files into art pieces. I love creating, fashion, beauty and being with my family! 

We look forward to taking your social media to the next level!

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